E-Babe the Outer Space Detective



In this engaging tale, three detectives working for the Milky Way Space Patrol Station in space. These detectives will work on a special case involving finding the President family and his space ship. Abraham Colleton II woke up observing Indria is missing. First Lady Indria hilarious upsetting the whole white house by not letting anyone know her and the two children will be visiting Indria planet. The Vice President and his family got involved. The mother of Indria, became very upset. All of the white house staff became very worried. It’s only one day before the Christmas party for the students and parents. A special present abroad the ship. President Colleton asked for help, Vice President Leonard Maxey, knew a detective capable of solving this mystery. Grade Levels: Pre – Level through High School Remarks: Reading this book will capture children’s interest in science by traveling into space while developing their reading skills and empowering them with general knowledge. Quote: “Empowering our children with an everlasting legacy to grow on.”

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