Human persistence is a peculiar and endlessly inspiring aspect of our species. It is through this vital evolutionary attribute that the human species has resiliently thrived throughout its existence. The conventional definition of persistence is: “Refusing to give up or let go; persevering obstinately; firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.” Even in the face of adversity, the force of perseverance is the true mark of champions. In fact, those who achieve great things are the ones who don’t know when to quit- even when someone tells them that they can’t do it or that they can’t achieve something, they persevere anyway, no matter what anyone says.

Persistence is a choice. It’s a matter of confidence and belief in one’s self, and a matter of being able to reach a final result by any means necessary. An easily observable trait among successful individuals throughout all industries is their ability to brave through adversity and persevere. Some of the greatest leaders, athletes, and visionaries of all time, whose names are remembered to this day, persisted beyond the norm and achieved greatness through their willpower and resilience. What we sometimes seem to forget is that the most exceptionally productive individuals endured countless periods of failure and doubt throughout their lives before they were successful, moments when accomplishment was largely missing. What inspired them to persevere was their own optimism and positive attitude, and in fact, when times were tough, they remained resilient and thus succeeded.

It’s how you rise from a fall that truly defines you as a man.

Achievers don’t know what giving up is. It’s simply not in their vocabulary, and neither is it ever an option for them, no matter what. It’s fine for find another approach to achieving goals, and it’s all right to search for backup ways to go on a similar route. Yet, to the challenging and daring of heart, there is no such reality as giving up. You cannot persevere if you never try to accomplish anything, let alone succeed. So many of us are procrastinating, fearing failure or being too frozen in our tracks to take the first step towards accomplishment. If you don’t try something, you’re not going to fail but at the same time you’re never going to succeed either. In fact, being persistent means swearing not to give up on your objectives regardless of what happens; it’s about taking whatever adversities come your way and being willing to tackle it as best you can so that you can start on your road towards achievement. As history has shown us time and time again, persistence pays off.

To be persistent means to be implacable, to be relentless. Research more than your peers. To learn something new, push yourself further. Take a course to advance your career. Successful people make an effort to go the extra mile, and they never stop dreaming about the next endeavor that will take them to greater heights.

If ever you feel like you’re going nowhere with your work or if you feel like you’re not making good progress, speak to a peer who’s been there and get feedback. Have you ever been extremely frustrated and on the verge of giving up? Try to reassess and look at the problem from a different perspective. Sometimes all you need is to express your frustration with someone else in order to gain new insights and discovery that may guide you throughout your journey.

In conclusion, we must acknowledge the vital importance of perseverance in our daily lives- in the pursuit of our goals and tasks and in the pursuit of striving to be better. It is the drive that we all possess to adapt and overcome any and all adversities, a drive that when reignited and exercised, may guide us towards achieving the impossible.

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