Tips in Writing a Substantial Children’s Book 

There is a good reason why most parents always buy books for their children. This is because they want them to flourish in life. Like how adults benefit from books, books also do many great things to children’s development. This helps them with their literacy skills and provides them with life lessons they can carry through a lifetime. Thus, if you have ever dreamt of becoming a children’s book author, you should pursue it. You can only imagine the feeling of having to impart learnings to other children. Plus, nothing is better than having to see your name on a published book cover. 

However, how exciting as it sounds, writing a book can a challenge sometimes. It would help if you took a couple of measures to have a significant children’s book. In this article, you will learn effective ways of doing it. This will guide you throughout the whole writing process and help you have an output that will surely catch the children’s attention. See the following tips below:

Make a Realistic Narrative

Even though you are writing for children, it is also essential that they relate to the story. It does not mean that you should take away all the fantasies in your story. This only means that you should create situations where your readers can connect themselves with. One way to have this done is by creating realistic conflicts and situations. This will drive the little ones to respond well. You can also attain this through your characters, which leads to the next point.  

Create Unforgettable Characters

One of the most critical elements of a great story is the characters. That is why you should make sure to develop characters that will strike children, both protagonists, and antagonists. You also want to establish your main character as relatable so that the little readers can empathize with them. Just like your story, your main character should be as realistic as possible. To achieve this kind of character, you need to go through a character questionnaire to find out how well you know your character. This includes desires, habits, feelings, and secrets. Your characters are the driving force of your story; they are the ones that carry out your tales for you.  The time and effort to develop them would mean the success of your story. 

Make Sure to Have a Meaningful Storyline 

A story that can touch the hearts of the young ones is usually the story they remember until they grew older. Before you write your narrative, you must think of a theme and message you want your readers to know. Figure out a message that you feel so strongly about. A powerful message that you want to spread that can be helpful to society. One thing that is very imminent to children is bullying. You can tell a story from the point of view of a bully or the other side. Either way, you can show the reasons behind the actions. Your theme or the general message must be the main reason why you wrote the story.  

Learn From Other Successful Authors

Even if you are just starting or are a published author, you need to be still open to learning from other authors.  You can either reread your favorite children’s book as a kid or give newly published books a chance they deserve. Either way, you can always learn something out of it. One excellent author to check out is Jacquelyn H. Colleton-Akins. Her literary works are worth every second of your time. She does not only write for one genre alone. She has a wide variety of published books that you can read, including children’s books, such as Alvin Can’t Jump and Liz Refuse to Fall; books that are also worthy of being read by adults. 

Include Enticing Illustrations

The role of illustrations in books is more than just to entice children. They also help in stimulating children’s imagination. Through pictures, they also learn and comprehend the context of the story better. You can incorporate colorful illustrations. This will attract them to read the whole book. If you are worried that you don’t have the right talent to do the graphics, worry not. There are many great illustrators you can hire to accomplish it. 

Children’s books are a crucial part of childhood. You can contribute to imparting a good habit of reading to children by sharing your talent and story through writing books for them. It is the most rewarding feeling you’ll ever get. 

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