How to Become a Prolific Author?

Jacquelyn Hester Colleton-Akins is an educator, nurse, and mother. She is the director and private owner of the Hester Tutoring Program in Walterboro, South California and Jacksonville, Florida. She dedicated most of her life to working with mentally handicapped students, gifted students, ADHD students, and more. She has an intense passion for helping other people, especially the younger ones. Gifted with a natural talent in writing, Jacquelyn Hester Colleton-Akins turns her passion into something that can help the greater society through literature. Aside from being an educator, nurse, and mother, Jacquelyn Hester Colleton-Akins is also a prolific author. In just a few years, she has already written and published around six books, most of which fall under children’s literature. With her other careers and endeavors, you might be asking, “How did Jacquelyn Hester Colleton-Akins manage to squeeze writing books into her schedule? How can I become a prolific author like her?” This article tries to give you some answers below.

Determine your purpose for writing

It is easier to achieve something when you have a purpose for doing it. In essence, purpose is the most powerful and enduring motivator in life. When you have a purpose, you will find it easy to recognize the reason why you journey. The same thing goes when it comes to writing. When you have a purpose as an author, you tend to find it easier to write compared to when you are only writing for the heck of it. Purpose gives you an ultimate reason to write more and more. So, if you want to become a prolific author, then it is necessary for you to determine first your purpose for writing. Before fully embarking on a literary career, ask yourself first, “What is my purpose for being an author? What do I want to achieve with my writing?” Once you have found the answers to these questions, it would be easier for you to write abundantly.

Find inspiration everywhere

Sometimes, the inability of an author to produce more works stems from a lack of inspiration. Inspiration often plays an important role in determining the productivity of a person. In essence, inspiration serves as a driving force that propels a person to desire to achieve something. In writing, particularly, inspiration is also crucial. When you are inspired as an author, you tend to be more productive and creative. Inspiration keeps your creative juices flowing. It gives you plenty of ideas on what to write and how to write better. Because of this, it is important for you to be inspired as an author if you want to produce more works. Inspiration is basically everywhere. It is present even in the simplest things. Life never runs out of inspiring things to write for and about; you only need to have the time and willingness to find them.

Be passionate about what you are doing

Aside from purpose and inspiration, passion is also one of the fundamental things that you need to acquire in order to become a prolific author. Passion is always the key to success. Passion is what makes people feel alive, and it is an essential ingredient in the achievement of dreams. If you have a passion for what you are doing, no amount of criticism nor failure will ever discourage you from doing what you do and achieving your goal. So, if you want to improve as an author and become more prolific, then you must cultivate an intense passion for writing. Be passionate about what you are doing. Do not just be an author because there is money in such a career, but rather be an author because you love writing – you love expressing yourself, and you love producing works that can inspire other people. By fostering a passion for writing, you are basically allowing yourself to view being an author not just as a mere job but as a commitment.

In summary, to become a prolific author like Jacquelyn Hester Colleton-Akins, the three most important things that you need to acquire are purpose, inspiration, and passion. You should know why you are doing what you are doing; you should be inspired to do more and more each day; and you should be passionate about your work. Writing books can be difficult and arduous sometimes. However, if you are a goal-oriented, inspired, and passionate author like Jacquelyn Hester Colleton-Akins, then no amount of difficulty and exhaustion can ever convince you to stop writing.

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