With any endeavor in life, determination and motivation is everything. Whether we’re aware of it or not, the mindset that we embody as individuals plays an endlessly crucial role in the pursuit of achieving our objectives, no matter what those may be. Whether it be an immediate task or a long term goal, attitude is a factor that significantly influences the process, and propels one towards his or her desired end result. If you want to achieve something, quitting can never be an option.

The importance of perseverance in our daily lives is ever present- from personal goals, to tasks at work; we all have things that we want to achieve, and things that we need to accomplish. However, when pursuing a goal, no matter how big or small of a goal it is, it’s almost inevitable to encounter intrusive, negative thoughts or have doubts about yourself, your work, or your progress throughout the entire process. At this point, it’s very likely for an individual to want to give up. When you reach this stage, where we’ve all been in at one point in our lives, something has to be done about it. Here are some useful tips for getting your motivation back into gear and staying determined to accomplish your goals.

  • Read up on people who’ve done the impossible

Whenever you think you’ve reached a difficult task and you feel as if it’s not doable, go watch someone do an impossible feat. Despite our human limitations, we individually possess the capability to change the world. Read up on the people who’ve beat the odds, achieved the unthinkable, or people who’ve done incredibly amazing things despite being just human like the rest of us. From pro basketball players to CEOs of successful companies, there’s much to be learned from these visionaries and brilliant achievers- all researchable on the internet.

By learning about the thought patterns, habits, and attitudes of successful individuals, we ourselves may incorporate their techniques in our pursuit of achieving our goals, and gain inspiration from their success beyond all odds. Every great achiever in history looked up to someone who achieved more than they had.

  • Use failure as a stepping stone

Every master of something has failed hundreds, if not thousands of times trying to perfect a skill or achieve a feat. What separated these individuals from those who did not persevere was their ability to take the bad along with the good and see positivity in failure. It is important to remember that one either succeeds, or they learn.

By not letting the disappointment of failure affect you, you may actively learn to adopt a healthier mindset towards setbacks- the mindset that sees progress in failure. For one to never give up on a goal or task, they must not be discouraged when they don’t succeed at first. It is a through a thorough understanding of the importance of failure in the learning process that reminds us of its necessity and importance in the pursuit of achieving our goals.

  • Listen to your favorite music

Although some of us may be more interested in music than others, we cannot deny its proven therapeutic effects on the human mind. We may not realize it, but sometimes, when we aren’t in the mood or when we’re feeling rather unmotivated, we just need to hear our favorite tunes to get our mood back up. When we get stressed, reach a roadblock in our endeavors, or just don’t feel like going out there and getting our work done, an effective strategy for this would be to listen to our favorite songs as we continue to work through our tasks, or take a short break to listen to it and allow our minds to relax and enjoy it. Often times, the soothing and mood-influencing power of music does just the trick for kicking us back into the right mood to do whatever it is we need or want to do.

  • Let out your frustrations

This particular strategy is effective in learning how to perceive failure as a stepping stone- sometimes one must rid themselves of whatever pent up anger and frustration they have towards themselves, their perceived failure, or their difficulty with tasks before continuing with acceptance of failure as a beneficial process.

Sometimes we just need to lock ourselves in a room and scream at the top of our lungs, scream into a pillow, punch a mattress or a sack of rice- anything to let out our frustrations before calming ourselves and recollecting our thoughts.  Emotion may cloud our judgement as well as affect our performance at work, or our ability to progress towards out tasks. Let out that anger when you need to, then continue with your endeavor where you left off or try again where you failed.

  • Take a break

If it’s not an urgent task and you repeatedly can’t get it done right, take a quick break from it. Listen to some music, watch funny cat videos on YouTube, go for a walk, or do what you have to do to allow your mind to rest for a moment. Breath, get some fresh air, get out of your chair and stretch.

By allowing your mind to relax, you successfully allow yourself to recollect your thoughts, refocus your plan, and rethink your strategy. Everyone needs a well-deserved break every now and then when the going gets rough- even the most workaholic go-getters need to take a break when they’re overwhelmed with their tasks.

  • Never make quitting an option

Make the decision to never quit- simply decide that quitting is not an option.  It’s a very effective and simple technique for an individual to practice, although not many people do this nor do they consider the idea. Simple tell yourself that you absolutely will not give up no matter what.

When you make this simple decision and tell yourself this, every other effort that you put in from that point will consciously or subconsciously work towards your desired goal. A small change in attitude such as this is all that one may need to keep that fire of determination burning within them. By declaring our refusal to give up and making the personal decision to not never do so, we consciously and subconsciously work towards our desired goal relentlessly and diligently until we achieve it.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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